Google Analytics Integration

By default, Magento only integrates with Google Analytics for front-end orders placed. With Admin Order Analytic, you can optionally also record your admin panel orders. This will therefore provide a more complete view of your web site performance and sales.

Once configured in the admin panel, your Google Analytics account will begin to show additional information:

  • Admin panel orders
  • Which admin user took the order
Admin panel orders

These appear as normal in the 'Conversions' section of your GA account, as follows...

... and these are listed alongside front-end website orders.

Admin orders sent to GA get sent with a unique 'Event' as follows...

In the Events section, if you drill down through Events->Top Events, to 'OnTap Admin Analytics', then 'Agent Order', then this gives you the number of orders in the period being viewed. However, if you then drill down further by clicking on 'Agent Order', you will see which admin panel users placed the orders...


This is useful for sales performance reporting.

Using these events within GA segments, you can easily find out the value, frequency and overall contribution to the business that these orders make.