Custom Pricing

Custom prices per product are already possible if the order is placed via the admin panel. However, Customer Service Suite enables your telephone agents to offer custom pricing on products to front-end web customers. This works alongside Magento's Assisted Shopping feature. 

If a customer is logged in and calls you, their shopping cart will be visible to you via the admin panel. You can set a custom price either on a product already in their cart, or add a product with a custom price to their cart. The customer can then checkout at the front-end of the site with that custom price, even if the catalog price is different.

Use cases
  • Customer calls to query a price because they have seen it cheaper on a competitor website
  • Customer calls to negotiate a price

How to do it

Let us consider a scenario where a logged-in customer has added a product to their cart...

At this point, they want to enquire about any discounts available. So they telephone you.

Native Magento functionality in Sales->Orders, then 'Create New Order' allows you to find the customer, and create a new order for them...

At this point, we are not actually going to create an order for them.

Notice in the left column, we can see the product that is still in the cart. If you click on the checkbox, and then the 'Update Changes' button at the bottom of the page, the product is temporarily transferred from their cart, into the admin panel order...

At this point, you can use the 'Custom Price' option to define a unique price for that product for this customer only. Once you have done that, select the 'Move to Shopping Cart' option from the 'Action' drop-down, and finally click the 'Update Items and Quantities' button.

You can now tell the end-customer to refresh their cart page.

The customer will notice the discount that was discussed on the phone. They are now free to checkout at that price. Please note, the price is unique to that customer's session - no other customers see this price.