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Improved Admin Orders

This module helps you to process telephone orders faster and increase the average order value for...

Admin Park Order

This module enables you to "park" a telephone order that cannot be completed for some reason, and...

Admin Order Analytics

This order enables your telephone orders to be included in your Google Analytics for enhanced rep...

No Password Login

This Magento module enables your customers to securely log in, register and checkout without need...

Attribute Quick Add

Attribute Quick Add enables administrators to quickly and efficiently manage attribute option val...

GDPR Compliance Manager

GDPR Compliance Manager enhances Magento 2 with functionality that makes your GDPR compliance eas...

Save My Cart

Save My Cart is a Magento 2 module that helps your customers to complete their orders and reduces...

When You Last Bought

When You Last Bought is a Magento 2 module that shows a logged in customer when they last bought ...

Magento 2 - MasterCard Payment Gateway Services

Magento 1 - MasterCard Payment Gateway Services

PrestaShop - MasterCard Payment Gateway Services

WooCommerce - MasterCard Payment Gateway Services

Visual Merchandiser

Create and merchandise categories quickly and easily with Visual Merchandiser for Magento. Drag-a...

Invoice Payment

The module allows you to generate an order in Magento, and send a request for payment to the cust...

Order Delivery Date

The Order Delivery Date module allows an option for the customer to select the delivery date for ...

Policy Hub

Please click on the link below to access the policy documents.