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Frequently Asked Questions

Can multiple versions of the same project be installed at the same time?

Yes. Each time you clone the same project, it will be in a different project directory. However, please remember the advice above about “Working with large projects”.

Working with large projects

Your Cloud DX Server’s resources are not infinite. In some cases, a single client project might consume the vast majority of the resources available.

It is best practice to stop ALL other environments prior to cloning a client project. This can be achieved with the command:

dx stop --all

Furthermore, the disk space available is affected by the size of the database required to clone a project. Therefore, the db.sql.gz file in your project’s directory should be deleted in order to save space.

Dealing with cron

Applications like Magento require cron to be running in most production situations. For development environments, however, it is not always necessary or desirable. Therefore, by default, the application's cron processes are NOT enabled during the environment setup.

Manually triggering cron

For Magento, this is as simple as executing the command dx magento cron:cron. You can also run individual cron jobs with dx exec magerun2 sys:cron:run <job_name>.

Setting up scheduled cron

You can still set up scheduled cron operations. From inside the relevant project directory, simply execute the command dx cron enable. In the case of Magento this will set up a task that runs every 1 minute. To disable cron, execute the command dx cron disable. If you want to check the status of cron, execute the command dx cron status.

If you have enabled scheduled cron for a project, please remember that it will only run successfully if your environment is started.