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Customer Service Suite


OnTap Customer Service Suite

The Customer Service Suite module turns Magento 2 into a powerful tool to improve your telephone and mail-order sales. We offer a range of modules that add functionality to streamline and improve your offline sales.

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  • Take orders more quickly

  • Increase the average order value

  • Improve the level of service you offer to customers

  • Track which agents take orders

  • Quickly find product information, including descriptions and images

Please note, Customer Service Suite is made up of three separate products (listed below):

OnTap Customer Service Suite

Improved Admin Orders

This module helps you to process telephone orders faster and increase the average order value for telephone orders.

OnTap Customer Service Suite

Admin Park Order

This module enables you to "park" a telephone order that cannot be completed for some reason, and then resumed when the customer phones back.

OnTap Customer Service Suite

Admin Order Analytics

This module enables your telephone orders to be included in your Google Analytics for enhanced reporting.