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System requirements

On Tap Cloud DX is a remote development environment platform, which means that it is compatible with a very wide variety of operating systems.

Minimum requirements
Operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac, ChromeOS
Disk space Existing
Memory Existing
Internet connection Existing
Software SSH client
Existing web browser
Visual Studio Code (optional)
PhpStorm (optional)

User account setup

Setting up a new user account is done via our support team. Just ask the account holder on your side to request a new account.

Installation and configuration

We handle the setup and installation of your Cloud DX Server. During the onboarding process we will require your SSH public key. This will be used for the primary account to login to your server via SSH.

You need to ensure that the minimum software requirements above are met on your own computer. We recommend using an IDE like Visual Studio Code or PhpStorm.

Logging into your server

When your Cloud DX Server is ready, you will receive an email with access details. This will contain your server's IP address and hostname. Your SSH public key is linked to the account ontap.

Therefore, your SSH login would be something like:

ssh [email protected]

Once you have logged in you will be able to run the commands necessary to create new environmenrts or clone existing projects.