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Cloning an existing project

Getting started

An "existing project" in this context is one that has been setup and configured for use with Cloud DX Servers.


The dx-clone-project command is used to clone an existing environment. In order to achieve this, you need three pieces of information:

  1. Git repo URL
  2. The name of Git branch you want to clone from
  3. The URL of the database snapshot for the project

Please speak to your systems admnistrator internally if you do not have this for the project you want to clone.

You will also be asked to pick a project name, and this is used for the name of the directory in your ~/projects directory where the environment is created.

An example of the process can be seen here...

How long does it take?

The amount of time to set up a project is dependent upon:

  • Any special Docker containers required for the project which your Cloud DX Server might not have retrieved below.
  • The size of the database.
  • The amount of time that application specific housekeeping tasks task (for example, in Magento, re-indexing).