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Securing your Cloud DX Servers


By default all acess to your company's Cloud DX Servers will be limited to one or more nominated IP addresses/ranges. This ensures that only your own users can access them from your internally controlled networks.

These IP addresses will typically be your office network's, VPN connections, etc. We collect these as part of your initial company onboarding. This allow list can be modified over time, if required.

SSH and companion application access options

We strongly encourage you to always limit access to SSH and companion applications (e.g. Mailhog, phpMyAdmin, etc) to your Cloud DX Servers to your list of authorised IP addresses/ranges.

Public web access

Often it is desirable for one, or more, of your company's Cloud DX Servers to have open web access. Whilst using environments on Cloud DX Server for any kind of production service is against our terms of service, it is perfectly acceptable for you to ask us to open access so that clients, partners, vendors, etc can view work in progress of your applications during the development and testing cycle.

As noted above, public access of port 80 and 443 is disabled by default. However, we can open this up on a per-server basis, or all your servers.

We can additionally add specific IP addresses/ranges that might belong to clients, for example, to be able to access all, or even specific Cloud DX Servers (i.e. a certain client can only access a certain Cloud DX Server).