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On Tap Cloud DX


Quickly empower your development, support and QA teams to spin up working environments quickly and simply. With On Tap Cloud DX, you can run multiple projects simultaneously without having to worry about the local setup on your own computer.

Ready in a matter of minutes, these environments contain everything that you need - web, PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Mailhog, SSH, IDE support - and whatever else you require.

You simply connect to your Cloud DX Server via SSH and use simple commands to create, start and stop environments. Each environment can either be a plain vanilla ecommerce platform or a clone of an existing project.

For existing projects, Cloud DX allows your organisation to deliver standardised enviroments for client projects across your entire team that work first time regardless of the hardware of each team members, or their skillset. Even novice users can spin up client projects in a matter of minutes.

Supported platforms

Currently, we provide the most complete support for Magento 2.

However, there is built-in support for a range of other platforms:

  • Generic PHP/HTML/JS applications
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento 1
  • Laravel
  • Shopware 6

What does “DX” stand for?

DX is an acronym for “Developer eXperience”. We want developers (and other job roles) to have the best tools and systems available to them.

We realise that setting up environments locally for new projects can be difficult and is highly dependent upon your system configuration knowledge, and the even the specification of the computer available.

We built “On Tap Cloud DX” as a way of standardising this and simplifying setup to a level that even novice users can be up and running within a few minutes. Of course, the platform is not just for developers. It is equally useful for QA staff and also business staff who need to test modules and general functionality.