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On Tap Cloud


Quickly empower your development, support and QA teams to spin up pre-configured server infrastructure ready for Magento 2. Ready in a matter of minutes, these environments contain everything that you need - web, PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Mailhog, SSH, VS Code - and whatever else you require.

This happens within a self-service web portal where you, and other members of your company, can create environments.

Logging into the portal

Firstly, visit the Portal homepage and enter your email address and password.



Once you are logged in, you will see the Portal Dashboard, showing all of the services available to you, including "On Tap Cloud".


You will see options for:

  1. What is On Tap Cloud?
  2. Create an Environment
  3. Your Environments
  4. FAQ

Platform support

Availability Platforms
Today Magento 2
Q2 2021 OpenCart, WooCommerce, Prestashop and Shopware