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Improved Admin Orders


OnTap Customer Service Suite

The Improved Admin Orders module helps you to process telephone orders faster and increase the average order value for telephone orders.

Version Compatibility

Improved Admin Orders is compatible with the following Magento platforms:

Community Edition (Open Source) Enterprise Edition (Commerce) Cloud Edition
2.1.0 - 2.2.2 2.1.0 - 2.2.2 2.1.0 - 2.2.2

General Settings

Most of the functionality of the extension can be found when creating an order in the admin panel. The process for doing that is documented in the Magento user guide

Grid Improvements

When you are observing the Order Grid in Sales → Orders, you can now see the Created By column with the user who was creating the particular order:

OnTap Customer Service Suite

This column is filterable as well. For this, click the Filter tab, put the user name in the Created By field and click the Search button:

OnTap Customer Service Suite

Product Preview

When you are adding products to an order, you can now preview them without needing to visit the frontend of your website. This lets you assist your customer better by helping you answer questions or describe the product in more detail to them.

For example, we have the order with 2 products:

OnTap Customer Service Suite

Notice that the product names are hyperlinked in blue and are clickable.

OnTap Customer Service Suite

If you click, the product preview panel will open:

OnTap Customer Service Suite

From here you can see:

  • Product name
  • Product Price
  • Qty of the items that are currently in stock
  • Product description
  • The images in the carousel and the big image (that is currently selected).

The preview panel can be closed by clicking on the 'Close' button or 'X' in the top right.


The order page is now aware of any up-sells or cross-sells defined for the products currently in the order. Now you can help push your AOV (Average Order Value) up by seeing the products that are best suited to your customers based upon their current order.

In our example, once we any product to an order (or even several products), the Up-sells and Cross-sell products will be shown:

OnTap Customer Service Suite

This will list the relevant additional products on a per-product basis. Just like the products described in the Product Preview section, each of those products has a blue hyperlink allowing the preview panel to be displayed:

OnTap Customer Service Suite

Adding up-sells or cross-sells to the order is straightforward. Just click the checkboxes and populate the 'Quantity' field for the products you want. After you are ready with this, click the Add Selected Product(s) to Order button.

OnTap Customer Service Suite

The products will then appear in the order:

OnTap Customer Service Suite

Custom Pricing

Custom prices per product are available if the order is placed via the admin panel. However, our extension enables your telephone agents to offer custom pricing on products to frontend web customers. This works alongside Magento's Assisted Shopping feature.

If a customer is logged in and calls you, their shopping cart will be visible to you via the admin panel. You can set a custom price either on a product already in their cart, or add a product with a custom price to their cart. The customer can then checkout at the front-end of the site with that custom price, even if the catalog price is different.

Use cases:

  • Customer calls to query a price because they have seen it cheaper on a competitor website
  • Customer calls to negotiate a price

For instance, the cutomers add some products to the cart and want to enquire about any discounts available.

OnTap Customer Service Suite

So they telephone you.

The backend administrator should go to Sales → Orders, then click the Create New Order button. After that, the backend user should find the customer

OnTap Customer Service Suite

Note that at this point, we are not actually going to create an order for them.

So in the left column, we can see the product that is still in the cart. If you click on the checkbox, and then the Update Changes button at the bottom of the page, the product is temporarily transferred from their cart, into the admin panel order:

OnTap Customer Service Suite

At this point, the backend user can use the Custom Price option to define a unique price for that product for this specific customer. Once you have done that, select the Move to Shopping Cart option from the Action dropdown, and click the Update Items and Quantities button.

OnTap Customer Service Suite

If the cutomer updates the page, they will notice the discount that was discussed on the phone. They are now free to checkout at that price.

Session Price

This new price is tied up to to that customer's session only, so no other customers will see it!.

Issues and Support

If you experience any issues with the extension, please do the following:

  • Document in detail what has happened.
  • Include screenshots and error messages.
  • Visit: and create a new account (if you do not already have one).
  • Once logged in, click on MY SUPPORT TICKETS, and then the Submit a Ticket button to create a new support ticket.