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Server limits per account

Every On Tap Cloud account has two types of limits that determine if new environments can be created:

  1. Total environments - this is the total number of environments that your company is allowed to have active at any one time. This is in line with the your subscription.
  2. Per-user limit - each company user defined in your account is allowed to have a set number of environments at any one time. This limit is applied to every user. This limit is in place to ensure that users get their fair share of environments.

What is an "Active environment"?

An "active environment" is defined as an existing environment in either a started or stopped state.

How to "reclaim" environments?

Old environments that are not being used should be stopped and then destroyed. The process takes a few minutes to complete per environment. For each environment that you destroy, your available number increases.

Increasing your limits

Please contact your account manager if:

  1. You want to increase your subscription to allow more active environments.
  2. You want to change the per-user limit.